Pope Francis Calls for Banning ‘Deplorable’ Surrogate Parenting

Surrogacy Ban Advocacy
Pope Francis urges a global prohibition on surrogacy, calling it "deplorable." This stance aligns with Italy's laws, sparking debate amid LGBTQ+ groups.

Outline of the Article

I. Introduction

A. Brief overview of Surrogacy Ban Advocacy of Pope Francis’ recent address B. Mention of the call for a worldwide prohibition on surrogacy

II. Pope Francis’ Perspective on Surrogacy

A. Pope Francis’ condemnation of surrogacy B. Description of surrogacy as “deplorable” C. Emphasis on the violation of dignity for women and children

III. Tension with Gender-Diverse Groups

A. Common acceptance of surrogacy by gay or lesbian couples B. Potential tension arising from the Pope’s stance

IV. Pope’s Disapproval

A. Explicit disapproval of surrogate motherhood B. Assertion that it exploits mothers’ material needs

Pope's Disapproval | Surrogacy Ban Advocacy

V. Call for International Prohibition

A. Pope’s hope for a global ban on surrogacy B. The significance of international efforts against the practice

VI. Connection with Recent Vatican Decisions

A. Mention of the Pope permitting priests to bless same-sex couples B. Highlighting the shift in the Vatican’s approach to LGBTQ+ issues

VII. Lack of Comprehensive Surrogacy Statistics

A. Global shortage of detailed surrogacy birth statistics B. Ethical concerns leading to illegality in numerous countries

VIII. Critics’ Concerns

A. Caution against potential “poverty bias” B. Highlighting the financial vulnerability of surrogate mothers

IX. Italy’s Stance on Surrogacy

A. Illegality of surrogacy in Italy B. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s efforts to extend the ban

X. Pope Francis and Italy’s Alignment

A. Pope’s call aligning with Italy’s legal stance B. Support for the universal ban on surrogacy

XI. Vatican’s Condemnation of Gender Theory

A. Reiteration of Vatican’s condemnation of gender theory B. Description of gender theory as “extremely dangerous”

XII. Vatican’s Position on Gender

A. Opposition to the idea of nuanced and fluid gender categories B. Affirmation of traditional binary distinctions


In a thought-provoking 45-minute address to Vatican-accredited diplomats, Pope Francis made a bold call for a global prohibition on surrogacy, denouncing the practice as “deplorable” and a grave violation of the dignity of women and children, as reported by Reuters.

Pope’s Perspective on Surrogacy

The 87-year-old pontiff expressed his strong disapproval, labeling the so-called surrogate motherhood as an exploitation of situations arising from the material needs of the mother. His statement, likely to stir tension with gender-diverse groups, emphasizes the Pope’s commitment to addressing issues that challenge the sanctity of life.

Tension with Gender-Diverse Groups

Surrogacy, often embraced by gay or lesbian couples seeking parenthood, is now at the center of potential discord. The Pope’s unequivocal stance contradicts the increasing acceptance of surrogacy within these communities, adding a layer of complexity to the ongoing discourse on reproductive rights.

Pope’s Explicit Disapproval

“I deem deplorable the practice of so-called surrogate motherhood,” declared Pope Francis, shedding light on the exploitation inherent in the process. His words echo a moral concern for the well-being of both women and children, emphasizing the need for a collective reevaluation of the ethical implications of surrogacy.

Pope's Explicit Disapproval | Pope's Disapproval
Bishop Joseph E. Strickland tweets disapproval of Pope Francis’ ‘program of undermining the Deposit of Faith’

Call for International Prohibition

The Pope’s call is not confined to the Vatican; he expresses hope for international efforts to universally outlaw surrogacy. This appeal underscores the gravity of the issue, urging nations to unite in preventing what the Pope views as a serious violation of human dignity.

Connection with Recent Vatican Decisions

This statement follows the historic decision by Pope Francis to permit priests to bless same-sex couples, marking a notable shift in the Vatican’s approach to LGBTQ+ issues. The juxtaposition of these decisions reflects the complexities of navigating traditional doctrines in the face of evolving societal norms.

Lack of Comprehensive Surrogacy Statistics

Globally, there is a lack of comprehensive statistics on surrogacy births. Ethical concerns surrounding the practice have led to its illegality in numerous countries and some U.S. states. The absence of concrete data underscores the need for a more transparent discussion on the impact and implications of surrogacy.

Critics’ Concerns

Critics caution against potential “poverty bias,” pointing out the financial vulnerability of women who become surrogate mothers. The intersection of economic disparity and reproductive choices raises important questions about the ethical considerations surrounding surrogacy and the socioeconomic dynamics at play.

Italy’s Stance on Surrogacy

In Italy, where surrogacy is illegal, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing coalition is pushing through legislation to extend the ban and penalize couples seeking surrogacy abroad. The Pope’s call for a universal ban aligns with Italy’s current legal stance on the matter, emphasizing a cohesive approach within the Catholic community.

Pope Francis and Italy’s Alignment

Pope Francis’ stance aligns with Italy’s legal position, creating a unified front against surrogacy. This alignment reinforces the Vatican’s commitment to upholding traditional values and preserving the sanctity of family structures, reflecting a shared perspective with the Italian government.

Vatican’s Condemnation of Gender Theory

Additionally, Pope Francis reiterated the Vatican’s condemnation of gender theory, describing it as “extremely dangerous” for erasing differences and claiming to establish equality. This reaffirms the Vatican’s steadfast position against the notion that gender is more nuanced and fluid than traditional binary categories.

Vatican's Condemnation of Gender Theory | Pope's Explicit Disapproval
Pope Francis: ‘Gender ideology’ is one of ‘most dangerous ideological colonizations’

Vatican’s Position on Gender

The Vatican’s opposition to the idea of nuanced and fluid gender categories aligns with its conservative approach to social issues. By rejecting the concept of gender theory, the Pope underscores the importance of preserving traditional distinctions, reinforcing the age-old teachings of the Catholic Church.


Pope Francis’ call for a worldwide prohibition on surrogacy not only challenges the status quo but also underscores the evolving stance of the Vatican on contemporary social issues. The intersection of reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ acceptance, and traditional values creates a complex tapestry that demands careful consideration. As the debate on surrogacy continues, the Pope’s plea for a universal ban prompts a broader conversation on the ethical dimensions of assisted reproductive technologies.

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