PayPal in Pakistan: Breaking Ground in Pakistan’s Freelance Hub

PayPal in Pakistan
Explore the game-changing partnership as PayPal enters Pakistan via Payoneer, revolutionizing freelancers' payments and boosting IT exports.


In a groundbreaking development, PayPal, the renowned online payment system, is set to revolutionize the freelance landscape in Pakistan. This move comes as a result of a strategic partnership with Payoneer, another digital payment service. Let’s delve into the details of how this collaboration is set to empower freelancers in Pakistan and reshape the dynamics of the burgeoning freelance sector.

The Partnership Unveiled

PayPal has inked a significant agreement with Payoneer, marking its entry into the Pakistani market. This collaboration aims to streamline the process for freelancers to receive payments from international clients. The integration of Payoneer’s digital payment service will serve as a conduit for securing and remitting funds earned by freelancers abroad into their local bank accounts.

What to Expect: PayPal in Pakistan

While the specifics of Payoneer’s charges for facilitating these transactions remain undisclosed, the impact on Pakistan’s freelance community is anticipated to be substantial. With approximately 4 million freelancers in the country, of which 1.5 million operate permanently, this move addresses a growing phenomenon, particularly among the youth equipped with IT skills.

Ministry of Information Technology’s Involvement

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom has played a pivotal role in facilitating this collaboration. Signing an agreement with PayPal, the ministry is working towards establishing a framework to operationalize this arrangement. The official announcement is slated for January 11, 2024, promising a systematic mechanism that aligns with the demands of the freelancers in the country.

PayPal in Pakistan | Ministry of Information Technology Pakistan

Dollar Accounts and Fulfilling Demands

One of the significant breakthroughs is the provision for freelancers to open dollar accounts. However, a requirement mandates retaining 50% of the amount in US dollars. This fulfills a major demand voiced by freelancers in the country, allowing for a more flexible and accommodating financial environment.

The Minister’s Perspective

Federal Minister for IT & Telecom Dr. Umair Saif expressed optimism in a video message, highlighting the ease this mechanism brings for Pakistani freelancers. The innovation lies in the fact that freelancers won’t need to open individual PayPal accounts. Instead, anyone outside Pakistan can seamlessly send money through a PayPal account, which can then be received in Pakistani banks.

A Boost to IT Exports and Freelancer Remittances

Caretaker Minister for IT and Telecom, Dr. Umar Saif, emphasizes the potential boost this collaboration brings to IT exports and freelancer remittances. This move aligns with the government’s goal to elevate IT exports from $2.6 billion to a staggering $5 billion, capitalizing on the positive trend observed in recent measures supporting a liberal financial regime.

The Future Outlook: PayPal in Pakistan

As the joint venture announcement is expected in the coming week, the anticipation is high for the transformative impact it will have on Pakistan’s freelance sector. This move is a result of persistent efforts by previous governments to overcome security concerns, ultimately paving the way for PayPal to indirectly operate in Pakistan through a strategic partnership.

What is the Future of PayPal in Pakistan | Is PayPal Available in Pakistan


In conclusion, PayPal’s foray into the Pakistani market through a collaboration with Payoneer heralds a new era for freelancers in the country. The impact on the freelance sector, IT exports, and remittances is expected to be substantial, marking a positive trajectory for Pakistan’s economic landscape. Stay tuned for more updates as this groundbreaking partnership unfolds.

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