In Memoriam: China Mourns the Loss of Sartaj Aziz

Sartaj Aziz condolences
We express our deep condolences over passing of Aziz and sincere sympathies to his family, says spokesperson.


In a poignant moment that resonates across borders, China extends its heartfelt condolences over the demise of the illustrious Sartaj Aziz, a stalwart figure in Pakistan’s political landscape. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Wang Wenbin, expressed deep sorrow, recognizing Aziz’s pivotal role in fostering enduring ties between the two nations.

A Lasting Legacy

As news broke of Sartaj Aziz’s passing, the world reflected on his multifaceted contributions to Pakistan, with Wang Wenbin acknowledging Aziz’s stature as a seasoned politician, strategist, and economic expert. This article delves into the profound impact Sartaj Aziz had on China-Pakistan relations and the shared endeavors that defined his legacy.

China’s Tribute to Sartaj Aziz

Wang Wenbin, during a regular news briefing, eulogized Aziz as not only a dedicated advocate for the prosperity of Pakistan but also as an individual who worked tirelessly to strengthen the bonds between China and Pakistan. His instrumental role in the initiation and development of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was particularly highlighted, underscoring the depth of his commitment to fostering friendly cooperation between the two nations.

“Mr. Aziz was a seasoned politician, strategist, and economic expert of Pakistan, and an old and good friend of the Chinese people,” Wang expressed, embodying the shared sentiment of loss felt by both nations.

Aziz’s Journey

Sartaj Aziz, a former foreign minister and finance minister of Pakistan, as well as an adviser to the prime minister on foreign affairs, left an indelible mark on the political landscape. His demise marks the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy that resonates not only in the annals of Pakistani history but also in the hearts of the Chinese people.

Sartaj Aziz condolences

A Sincere Farewell

The final rites for the esteemed former foreign minister took place at the H8 Graveyard in Islamabad, where he was laid to rest on a solemn Wednesday. As the world bid adieu to Sartaj Aziz, China stood in solidarity with Pakistan, mourning the loss of a cherished friend.

The China-Pakistan Friendship Endures

In a world often marked by geopolitical complexities, the enduring friendship between China and Pakistan forged and fortified by leaders like Sartaj Aziz, stands as a testament to the strength of international alliances. As we mourn the passing of a luminary, we also celebrate the legacy of cooperation that continues to thrive.

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