FIFPro’s World XI 2023 nominee list: Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo named in FIFPro’s World XI nominee list

FIFPro’s World XI 2023 nominee list.
Stay tuned to the pulse of football, and join the conversation. Who do you think will shine the brightest in FIFPro’s World XI 2023?

In the exhilarating world of football, the stars shine bright, and the latest accolade buzzing around is the FIFPro’s World XI 2023 nominee list. Among the 23 football maestros securing a spot are none other than the iconic Lionel Messi and the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Players’ Choice

Over 28,000 professional football players had their say in this prestigious selection through the FIFPro organization. This unique accolade is distinctive as it’s the only one in international football exclusively chosen by the players themselves. To be eligible, players must meet certain criteria, ensuring that only the most deserving names are cut.

The Countdown Begins

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in London on January 15, 2024, adding anticipation to an already electrifying atmosphere. The evaluation period spans eight months, from August 20, 2023, to December 19, 2022, providing a comprehensive assessment of the players’ performances.

Crafting the Dream Team

Peers will be the architects of the starting eleven, comprising one goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders, and three strikers. The final outfield player will be the one with the most votes among the nine previously chosen. It’s a blend of skill, camaraderie, and individual brilliance that defines the lineup.

FIFPro’s World XI 2023 nominee list.

The Best of the Best

FIFA’s “The Best Men’s Player of the Year” shortlist features football giants like Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe, and Erling Haaland. The competition is fierce, reflecting the pinnacle of individual excellence in the sport.

Diverse Excellence

The FIFPro World XI shortlist is a tapestry of talent. From goalkeepers like Thibaut Courtois, Emiliano Martinez, and Emerson, to defenders Ruben Dias, John Stones, Kyle Walker, Antonio Rudiger, Virgil Van Dijk, and Eder Militao—the selection spans across positions, showcasing the richness of talent in modern football.

Follow the Buzz: FIFPro’s World XI 2023 nominee list.

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Stay tuned to the pulse of football, and join the conversation. Who do you think will shine the brightest in FIFPro’s World XI 2023?

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