Mines-of-literature; where the words themselves are Masters, Workers, and Golds.


Literary stuff

“Shh! Walk slowly,” he said, at the top of his breathe, “Else you will wake him up.” “I know! You don’t have to teach me, every time.” He said, rather distressed and unsatisfied, “I wonder, each time you throw your... Continue Reading →


Lured by Literature

To travel to the path of words, and then, to the path paved with sentences, so far, in my life has always been an arduous journey. May be it was because of the society where I was born; or the... Continue Reading →

happy birthday to you!

The clock strikes twelve. My heart inflates with happiness and joy. Let all the sorrows, miseries, and pain be destroyed, by the arms of the clock, Which comes in your way. And, let there be downpour of—happiness, hope, healthiness—in the... Continue Reading →

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