O dear friend did you not hear

the Divine music the last night?

Well, perhaps not!

Maybe you were lost in the whirlpools

of your dreams.

When I was fast asleep, the note murmured in my ear;

I read the rhythm, one thing I was sure—

it did not belong to the terrestrial.

I woke, absorbed, and began to follow the music

in the middle of the night.

On following it, I reached near the sea shore.

(I was unaware of the surroundings on the way)

The wet sand and the quartz tickled my feet.

I saw an erect silhouette, captivating.

A melodious symphony radially spread

from that shadow and penetrated my soul.

I felt the warmth that

I have never felt by the most expensive feathers;

I felt reborn after the great depression of my life.

As I involuntarily reached near the object,

a bright ruddy light spread all over

the water, the sand, and the trees;

the brightness then hurt my eyes.

But I could still see the shadow and its hand raised

above my head, and enchanting

some incomprehensible verses.

My soul merged with the silhouette,

and I returned home empty

Except for the musical note within me.

–Rozesh Gautam