The poem is just for humor. No offense intended!

The back evolution of the red-monkey

from the chimpanzee is hilarious, but

at the same time hazardous.

When the goat rose to rule the zoo

(almost certain to win);

when the goat rose to withstand the pressure

of the bananas of the red-monkey, she was

not left empty, she was filled everywhere

and the other brainless and sycophant animals anyhow

chose red-monkey over the goat.

Sure the red-monkey knows how to blabber, but his

lack of sense of humor and his attitude towards the

goat and her types really heated up the issue

of the equality and equity in the zoo.

But still the snow leopards chose him

and now the gorillas are pretty scared;

they fear that they might be hunted in their own cave

by the snow leopards and by any animals

who lauded the red-monkey.

The animals who cover themselves

with a black sheet of clothes are in more jeopardy

and many from other tribes fear that they will

be compelled to leave the zoo or anything worse than that.

The red-monkey even declared once that

he will build miles long wall so that the nearby

zoos’ animals won’t bring any diseases.

And when he has to talk with his friends or enemies

he sends his messages with the help of blue bird

and merely go to meet them in personal.

Sure the goat too had black past;

she used to graze recklessly in the field of unknown farmers

and sometimes say that she didn’t know it was theirs

and sometimes tried to hide the fact that she grazed over there.

Her Billy goat once had already ruled the zoo,

but living with the group of polluted minds and such

gutless Billy goat has made her more corrupted.

But still many supported the goat who

was going to be the first goat ever to rule the zoo.

(the animals could expect four days cramps and holidays too)

after being fed up by the lice eating characteristics of the red-monkey

the watchdog of another cell

was loyal to the goat and her parties.

There  even was rumor that the red-monkey

had a good affair with the hyena and the hyena,

covertly duped all the animals

to make the red-monkey win.

The red-monkey will share the morsels of bread

with the hyenas, but he has already made

the eastern pandas very angry.

Don’t mess with the pandas, though they look similar

they have high influence;

though they seem silent, sleepy and short, they are not.

Don’t know according to which twelve animal’s month they will

attack the red-monkey (maybe they will wait for the red-monkey’s month).

The western cow and the recently chose cow

somehow want them to be milked and

sometimes feed on the green grasses as well.

Those cows are less likely to wage a war

as half, their month will be wasted

in cramps, self-obsession, and fashion,

and the rest days just being milked.

The red-monkey doesn’t feel hotter in the summer

and colder in the winter season like the chimpanzee used to do.

To overcome the climate changes the chimpanzee collected handful of fools

and built a shelter but that shelter, of course

will be used by the red-monkeys to shit!

And one day when the zoo is full of shit they will

realize that the vastness of the zoo was just a myth.

The red-monkey will invest himself and

the rest of the fake-power to make the zoo warm

no matter which month it is.

He even has decided to eliminate

mid-eastern groups of black panthers

who hunted people of many areas just to throw

a Stubborn pig from the muddy and bloody throne.

It was the same zoo when a mammoth giraffe

stood high and addressed that there would be equality in the zoo

no matter what animals they were,

and many other animals following him obeyed him,

but we can barely trust this red-monkey!

We cannot be sure when he would wound which animal

and when he himself would be wounded as

he might make an abyss wound just from a small bruise.

–Rozesh Gautam