Minutes were gone! Hours were gone! Days were gone! But you still are waiting, patiently and hopefully, in the same place where your lover has asked you to wait but he has not arrived yet. How do you feel? What happened to him?

A hope, many times, arises in your heart even when you hear a meager sound but it, many times, fades away–at the same rate–because he was not one who made the sound.


The heart howled,

in the silence of the spring, to me.

“She is waiting!”

“I know. I know.”

I replied aloud, loud enough to quiver

the twigs climbing the dandelions;

loud enough to hid the sun behind the clouds.

I looked me, then at the dying nature

and then again at me.

I went black and blue.

Sorrowful shadows surrounded me, dominating.

Something was missing from me.

The wind whispered,

in the drenched dusk, to me

“Your love is waiting!”

“I know. I know.”

I shouted furiously, loud enough

to crumble the mountains;.

loud enough to send the pains,

through the tides to the horizons.


My wings were already crucified

by the soldiers, obeying

the decree of the sky–

sprung from the sand.

I had no legs.

Neither had I any hands to crawl.

But my heart was already in the voyage to meet her.

To the place where we first met:

among the wildflowers, wet by the morning dew, and

breathing each other’s breath.

I hid in the woods and wept.

Otherwise, the birds would tease me.

The caterpillars would laugh, swinging,

at me, and then, the Gods would know my weaknesses.


The moon meowed,

in the notorious night, to me.

“Hurry! Your love is preparing to leave.”

“I know. I know.”

I wailed in fear and doubt, loud enough to break

the remnant of the broken heart;

loud enough to stop my lover from going away.

-Rozesh Gautam