You were always two steps ahead,

O, brother! But our hands were tied together.

Sharing the same morsels of bread,

Wisely we moved through numerous weathers.


Ignorant and impotent I may have become all the times

And arrogant the other days.

O, brother! You inspired me to write all the rhymes,

Illuminate the darkest side through the glistening rays.


O, brother! In solitude, when solemn shrouds the heart

Let there be more smiles and tears few.

Your sheer thoughts providing solace, though apart,

The same feet but the journey a new.


Over the hills and across the oceans

Shivering lips to say a single syllable of adieu.

Let all the adjectives and ambitions land on thy feet

O, brother! I bid farewell to you!

-Rozesh Gautam