Every country needs a leader: a leader who can foresee the future; a leader who can move ahead of time; a leader who has the capability to dream has the ability to give hope to his followers and act accordingly. And, such leaders are born in every era. They leave their footprints of—courage and contributions—on the chest of the country, for eternity. No doubt breathes of such legendary figures still roams in our nation; and, among the warm breath is of our’s Prime Minister Khadga Prasad Oli.

On saying that, K.P. Oli is a visionary leader, if I were working under any institutions, then, my job would be at risk. It’s not because the organization belongs to the concerned parties, it is because there are haters or number of haters than supporters of him.

Khadga Prasad Oli was elected as the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal after he won the election against the former Prime Minister Sushil Koirala. Even from the day when he sat on the chair of the prime minister, he has not left to decorate his words with the color of humor, satire, and show endless dreams of the new Nepal. He has been immensely criticized because of his nature—the way he manipulates the mass with his dream-theory, in the period when the country, in reality, is crawling to be a developing country.

Matter-of-fact, a country always needs a leader, who can set the destinations, no matter how he does, either in a funny way or serious one. A person can never reach to the desired place unless he has a destination otherwise, he would be wandering in the void. Leaders like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and John F. Kennedy and so on, were highly successful in taking their followers to the giant oasis of freedom and tranquility after a long walk in the desert of war and discrimination. But when a leader is busy only in inventing new dreams rather than implementing in the paths to reach to the real of destinations, then from that day onward he ceases to be a leader. He becomes a poet who lives in the world of his words. And as T.S. Eliot once said, “poetry doesn’t make everything happen.”

There are many dreams we Nepalese people are dreaming now: the dreams of pipeline gas in every house, Nepal free of load shedding within two years, China-Nepal railway track, and the recent one, Nepal to have its own ship in the ocean.

And these dreams, as shown by Mr. Oli, seems a mere hypothesis especially in the time when there is internal conflict between the parties regarding the separation of federal states, and delay in the reconstruction and providing necessary aids to the suffering people after the major earthquake( April 25, 2015). It is his weakness and fault that he was not able to solve the riddles, however, rather than other prime ministers he has been successful to construct a destination to reach. And, who knows, after a flick of time people might be inspired by him and make the road to reach to the safest haven.

For instance, the thought implementing the plan of pipeline gas system is not a new one in the world or even in our country. In the south of Kathmandu valley there is the presence of methane gas and if that gas is utilized then 10, 000 family can use it for 20 years. Similarly, even 10 years ago, there was a supply of gas through a pipe in places of Kathmandu valley like Teku. So if the work is done with enthusiasm then the pipeline gas system is feasible in the country.

Furthermore, it is not necessary that a country should be touched by the ever-widening oceans in order to sail their ships. Countries like Switzerland, Austria, and Mongolia are the finest example of those countries which benefited from the ocean even when they were landlocked countries. And, yes, Nepal too could have its own ship in the ocean, and wave its flag on the cold breeze coming from the horizon. And this no doubt will be a landmark in Nepal’s history if implemented in time.

The Nepalese people are still in trauma: because of the earthquake; the economic blockade; the cold relationship between the neighboring countries, and in such a chaos situation his dreams are not easily digested by the people. But, he has given us ample of dreams and if these dreams are converted into reality then Nepal will no longer sleep in the cave of poverty and under-development. And, Oh! Lord save the world, then. Mr. Oli has vested wide range of names on his account, and in that account, the thought by Douglass Adams reverberate: “He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher… or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.”