Wish you were here,

Trudging to the zenith holding my hands.

Float in the clouds,

Compare heaven and earth and roll down the hills.

Wish you were here,

Riding the wave of changes with me,

Dethroned to the sand and uneaten by the fish,

Flow to the highest and lowest,

Slide through the rainbow,

And get mixed in the ocean of evergreen souls.

Wish you were here,

Comforting me by showing the starry sky,

When I get drowned in the melancholic ocean by seeing the widow moon.

Wish you were here,

In a voyage in my heart and know,

How after each throb the rented heart expands to make it your home.

Wish you were here,

In every promise, we made whilst lost and found in the woods,

Promise that you will be with me when the bliss be with us,

The cold numbs us and the fire burns us.

Wish you were here,

Encircled in the warmth of my feathers now,

Rather than the memories borrowed from the past.

Every dusk, I leave the door ajar wishing you to be here,

But you are gone far beyond the ever-widening horizon.

-Rozesh Gautam